Change the product name for the Dynamics NAV Web Client

Change the product name for the Dynamics NAV Web Client

9. Mai 2017

Change the product name for the Dynamics NAV Web Client

Just a quick note for those who might be wondering because as far as I can see there is no public documentation about it: According to the ISV branding guide, if you are qualified for certain exceptions you can do “Co-Branding” of NAV (and only under those circumstances are you allowed to do this). This is quite easy for the splash and header images of the Web and Windows Client because those are just .pngs you can replace with your own ones. But changing the so-called “masthead” of the Web Client which is the top blue section is not so easy because it is not an image and you won’t find the name in some reachable source code. We have therefore reached out to MS support and thanks to the always very helpful and resourceful Duilio Tacconi, we got the following solution1:

If you know where to look it also is very easy: Open the web.config file typically found under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Web Client Name to configure the Web Client settings. In that file add the following in the DynamicsNavSettings part:

    <add key="ProductName" value="Infoma newsystem | Powered by Microsoft" />

If you now open the Web Client the masthead will show the configured ProductName:

  1. I’d also advise to monitor his activities because they are always excellent reads

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    1. Yes, this still works, but the config file from NAV 2018 on is a different one, called navsettings.json in the WebClient folder. If you have a Docker environment, you can do docker run -e accept_eula=y -e customWebSettings=Productname=myname microsoft/dynamics-nav:2018 and check c:\inetpub\wwwroot\NAV\navsettings.json inside the container

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